Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Real Estate Clubs

So, where is Montecito Real Estate? A new trend in the real estate investment industry is investment clubs or groups. So now you’ve learned about how much money is in investment real estate and you want a piece of the pie.

On the other hand, any time you’ve got a large real estate investment—say multifamily housing—or any time you’ve got substantial wealth, an LLC economically reduces investment risk and as an added bonus can even save the owners thousands of dollars a year in income or payroll taxes. While a sole proprietorship or informal real estate partnership may be able to keep its bookkeeping and income tax return preparation very simple, an LLC probably needs to file its own tax return if the LLC operates as a partnership, a C corporation or an S corporation. If you are a non-resident involved in the selling of Canadian real estate assets that you own, you should be aware of the applicable provisions of the Income Tax Act to avoid problems when the time comes for the sale to complete.

I feel that private investors, as opposed to government agencies, should be key players in taking control of these real estate assets,“ re-pricing” them to provide for the housing needs of regular people on a more realistic, economic basis. Like I said earlier you probably want to just find a trustworthy real estate brokerage that focuses on pre-construction projects and developments for the simple fact that these firms make their money from making their investors happy and the only way to do that is through making them money. Let's face it - real estate agents need listings and the more they have the more money they're likely to make through their real estate marketing efforts.

Although you can find real estate listing systems a dime a dozen there is nothing that helps you achieve the level of real estate marketing and sales "success" you want quite like a proven one, whether they're complicated ones at outrageous prices, or simple ones at reasonable cost. Tampa is a good investment area if you can manage to find pre-construction but is not at the top of our list for the most desirable investment real estate in Florida. Well, just a few short months have passed and a current read of the Sunday homes section of the San Diego Union Tribune shows that though the real estate market does not make discernible moves in a day like the stock market. A couple of months can easily define the local real estate trends.

So finally, if you are starting out in the real estate field you might want to seek out an investment group. Somewhere you can learn much faster then on your own? You can search on the Internet and be able to find a number of real estate investment clubs or groups in your area!

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